The members of the Hedman PerformanceGroup have had numerous magazine articles written using their products. Below are just a small selection of the articles in the printed media. Click on the thumbnail of the magazine cover that interests you below. After clicking the thumbnail a new window will open, where you will be able to view a PDF of the article. If you have any problems, please email us @
Hot Rod - June 2012

More LS Engine Bling

How To Build A Set Of Zoomie Race Headers
Fall 2011

The writers at Nitro Madness Magazine suited up and welded together a set of Hedman Husler's Zoomies, while the camera shutter caught it all on disc.

How Hedman Builds Funny Car Hedders
July 2009

A look inside the factory

Square is the New Cool
June 2009

Badass '84 C-10 w/Hedman Hedders

Dime On Steroids
December 2008

Pumping muscles into an S-10

Hedman Still Makes 'em
November 2008

Olds 403 Hedders

Crate Motor Hedders
November 2008

ZZ502 Hedders

1956 Ford F-100 Truck
September 2008

302 ci. S.B. w/320 HP

Product Release
Fall 2008

Performance Valve Covers from Hamburger's Performance Products

Finned Aluminum Covers
August 2008

Trans-Dapt Products for that classic look

1966 Pontiac Tempest
July 2008

326 ci w/1-1/4" Hedman Hedders 455HP

1967 Fastback/Shelby
July 2008

408 ci Windsor V8 w/Hedman Shorty Hedders

1953 Chevy P/U
June 2008

Hedman Hedders for RamJet 350 ci, 375HP

1967 Mustang 289 ci to 5.0L
May 2008

1-5/8" Long Tube Hedman Hedders

Size Matters
March 2008

Carburetors, bigger the better?

1969 Chevy C-10 CST
March 2008

396 ci. V8 w/Hedman Hedders

Under $9,500 Project Maverick
March 2008

1-1/3" Hedman Hedders on a Ford 427 ci Motor

Loud, Rude & Aggressive Chevelle
February 2008

1972 Chevelle w/421 ci. Dart Motor and Hedman Hedders

The Timber Wolf C2 Gets Tired
November 2007

Hedman Hedders for 393 Chevy Stroker Motor

1955-57 Chevy
December 2007

Hedman Hedders Special Section

Race Hedders
Sept/Oct 2007

Hedman Hedders for 1968-76 Chevelles

The Timber Wolf C2 Build Continues
October 2007

Hedman Hedders for 1964 Corvette

Dyno Freak
December 2007

Hedman Hedders for a 496ci Rat

Camaro Dedication
June 2007

Hedman Hedders were used on this 1986 Z28

The Disassembly, Evolution & Start of the Timber Wolf C2
September 2007

Hedman Hedders for 1964 Corvette

Worth The Price?
September 2007

Hamburger's Oil Pan

Hedman Hamburgers
May/June 2007
Retro Revamp
April 2007

Hedman Hedders were used dressing up this Chevy SB

Building an Older Classic P/U
Oct/Nov 2006

Hedman Hedders were used on this 1963 Chevy Truck

Chevy Truck Hedders
Oct/Nov 2006

Hedman Hedders

Crate Engine Confessional
October 2006

All Dyno testing was conducted with a set of 1-3/4" Long tube Hedman Hedders

TDK Rock Buggy 101 Inches of Go
October 2006

Hedman Hedders are used on this Rock Buggy

Blazerado, Swapped, Dropped...
September 2006

Hedman Hedders hug each side of this block

Smart Parts
September 2006

Hedman Hedders and Hamburger's Performance Parts

3-Way Small-Block Showdown
September 2006

Both Hedman Hedders and Hamburger's oil pans were used in this small-block showdown

Green Machine
September 2006

This 1972 Nova uses Hedman Hedders to handle exhaust duties

MOPAR Action
August 2006

This 1972 Duster uses Hedman Hedders 2 inch Fenderwell Hedders

CHP Rides
August 2006

This 1965 Malibu uses Hedman Hedders to handle exhaust duties

Way to Represent
August 2006

This 1962 Impala sport coupe uses Hedman Hedders to exhale

Super Chevelle Wagon
August 2006

This 1967 Chevelle wagon uses Hedman Hedders

Smog Parts
July 2006

Were increased emissions requirements the death knell of the performance industry? Not so far.

Chevy Dyno-Thrashing
July 2006

Dyno testing 383ci small block with Hedman Hedders

The Windsor King
July 2006

Jow Sherman Builds an 800hp, 374ci Ford Windsor Engine using Hedman Husler Hedders

Antique Store Score
June 2006

This 1968 Chevy C-10 uses Hedman Hedders

Yellow Fever
June 2006

This 1967 Chevelle uses ceramic coated Hedman Elite Hedders

Better Breathing and Showplace
June 2006

Manual-Tranny Gen 1-2 Camaro, Gen 2 Chevelle Hedders

Also Monte Carlo and a Camaro

Something Wicked This Way Comes
June 2006

Motion Build the Ultimate Camaro SuperCoupe with Hedman Hedders.

Power Hungry
May 2006

This 1988 Mustang LX convertible uses Hedman Husler 2-1/8" headers.

April 2006

Keeping in Budget, Hedman Hedders and Trans-Dapt Perf. Products were used on this car.

Construction-Site Chevy No More
April 2006

This 1971 Chevy pickup uses Ceramic Coated Block Hugger Hedman Hedders.

Simplicity In the Details
March/April 2006

This 1965 Mustang uses Long Tube Hedman hedders to get the spent gasses out of the engine.

Five-Hundred-Dollar Ford
April 2006

This 1955 Ford Truck uses Full-Length Hedman Hedders.

Corner Carving G-Machines
February 2006

This homebuilt '65 Mustang uses Hedman Hedders.

One Unique X-Tended Cab
January 2006

Hedman Hedders were used on this 72' C-10 X-tended Cab.

Increased Flow
January 2006

Stepped Tube LS1 Camaro Hedders that outperform any ordinary hedder design.

Smart Parts
December 2005

Smart Performance Products from Hedman Hedders and Trans-Dapt Performance.

Cuda Hunt
December 2005

This Cuda uses a set of Hedman Hedders to the burnt fuel out as fast as possible.

We're Pulling For You
November 2005

Need more Torque and Horsepower? Install Hedman Hedders.

Hedman Ford F-Series Hedders
November 2005

Hedman Hedders has released its new V-10 Ford F-Series Hedders for the 6.8L engine.

Reader's Rides
October 2005

Hedman Hedders were used on this 1987 Chevy S-10 Blazer.

Six Shooter Showdown
October 2005

Barry Grant's Triple D Induction works as good as it looks.

Passing Gas
October 2005

1976 Camaro project car.

Drifter, Wandering From Build...
Sept 2005

Under the hood rests an '86 IROC 350ci V-8 equipped with a Crane camshaft and Hedman Hedders.

Now It's Modernized
Sept 2005

Hedman Hedders were fitted to this V-8 for positive power.

Smart Parts
Sept 2005

Performance Products from Hedman Hedders and Trans-Dapt Performance.

Long, Lean Low & Mean
Sept 2005

Hedman Hedders were used when rebuilding this 1960 Chevy Biscayne.

Back On Track
Sept 2005

Project g/28

Thunder in the Valley
Sept 2005

The B&M Hedman Series rocks with it's own thunder in the valley.

King Vortec
August 2005

Hedman Hedders were used when testing this vortec head.

Perfect In Pearl
August 2005

Hedman Hedders were used when making this great street rod.

Hedman Hedders Products
August 2005

Performance Products from Hedman Hedders and Trans-Dapt Performance.

8 Holes of Glory
August 2005

Using the correct Hedder and motor mount combination can make engine installation much easier.

Stretching The Budget
August 2005

A low-buck bolide touches down in the Bible Belt.

A Cameo Called Rosie
July 2005

A Cameo Called Rosie

Hedman Hedders exhaust system enable the 350ci Chevy small-block V-8 to breathe easy

Riding Right & Wearing White
July 2005

Hedman Hedders handle the spent fumes

What Does Booze Know?
July 2005

When the Booze Brothers' Pony car needs Hedders, they choose Hedman Hedders.

Power Upgrades: Engine Perf.
May 2005

Upgrades that give Power and Performance.

Drag Racing -March 2005

High Performance Award

Buster Couch given the the Hedman Hedders High Performance Award.

The Golden Age of Performance
March 2005

Read this article to learn the history of Hedman Hedders.

Power Installation
February 2005

Goodmark Camaro getting stuffed with Power Performance Products. Including a set of Hedman Hedders.

Hedman Hedders
January 2005

Read this article to learn the history of Hedman Hedders.

January 2005

Read this article to learn the history of Hedman Hedders.

Smart Parts
December 2004

Read this article to learn about some of Hedman Hedders and Trans-Dapt Performance innovative parts now